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Update: SEIU Clerical Negotiation Session 12

September 15, 2020

The University and SEIU met for a half day of bargaining that lasted approximately 3 hours. SEIU and UIC committee representatives for all 4 contracts attended the negotiation session. This is the sixth session with federal mediator Stephen George. Jason Bajor and Jason Healy from FMCS also attended the meeting. The Union began the session by presenting the same settlement demand it made Sunday evening. The University countered with an economic proposal that, in addition to providing anniversary step increases of 2-4%, raised its guaranteed percentage offer from 1.25% to 1.5% in Year 3 of the contract, or campus wage – whichever is greater. The University also increased its one-time payment offer from $500 to $650 for those at the top of the wage scale in Y2 for three of four bargaining units (the fourth bargaining unit has already been offered a $750 one-time payment for Y2, in part because they do not have anniversary increases). After the University’s presentation, the Union indicated it will continue to strike unless he University met its settlement demand. After the ultimatum, neither side presented revised proposals. SEIU currently sits at a 4 year term, (4%, 2.5% $750.00 on time payment, 2.5% or CWP, whichever one is higher, 2.5% or CWP, whichever one is higher). . SEIU also seeks newly created annual “step” increases for all classifications. UIC sits at CWP (2%), CWP (currently 0% $650 one-time payment), 1.5% or CWP, 1.25% or CWP.