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Update: SEIU Service and Maintenance Negotiation Session 6

August 17, 2020

The University and SEIU met for a full day of bargaining. This is the third session with Federal mediator Stephen George. Bargaining was cordial from start to finish. UIC began the session by presenting its non‐economic counterproposals. After various rounds of negotiating, the parties made considerable progress and agreed on several matters including Employer Rights language in Article 3; Article 5 (Benefits – Vacation); Article 7 (Working Conditions); Article 8 (Discipline); and Article 9 (Grievance Arbitration process). The parties have one remaining issue in Article 3 concerning usage of non-bargaining unit staff. The parties also need to agree on Article 16 - Dues Deduction language. Article 3 and 16 are the only non-economic Articles that are open. UIC has asked SEIU to forward executed TAs at its earliest convenience. The parties have yet to start an earnest economic discussion (Article 4 – wages); however the union presented models for a 3,4, or 5 year contract. UIC indicated it is looking to negotiate a 5 year contract.