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Update: SEIU Service and Maintenance Negotiation Session 9

September 16, 2020

The University and SEIU met for a half day of bargaining. The session ended approximately at 4:00pm. This is the sixth session with Federal mediator Stephen George. SEIU began the session by sharing a member’s unfortunate situation and UIC’s lead negotiator expressed condolences. SEIU presented one non-economic proposal that it wanted the University to reconsider. UIC continued to reject the proposal. UIC then presented again all of the non‐economic counterproposals on Articles 3 (Negotiations and Exclusive Recognition), 5 (Benefits), 7 (Working Rules and Conditions), 8 (Discipline), 9 (Grievance Procedure), 16 (Dues Deduction), 17 (No Strike or Lockout) and asked that SEIU enter TAs on each. The union indicated it would sign and forward. Neither side made an economic proposal. SEIU currently sits at 4.25% across the board wage increases for each of the 4 years, plus step increases at 3% increments, newly created annual “step” increases as well as the expansion of existing and creation of new pay differentials and premiums. SEIU also seeks increases that build on the employee’s base salaries but is open to discuss a one-time payment and other form of payment. UIC’s last proposal sits at CWP (2%), CWP (currently 0%), 1.50% or CWP, 1.25% or CWP. The parties will continue to negotiate.