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Update: SEIU Technical Negotiation Session 7

September 1, 2020

The University and SEIU met for a full day of bargaining. This is the fifth session with federal mediator Stephen George. The University began the session by tendering non-economic counterproposals on Article 10 (Work Schedule and Hours of Work) and Article 13 (Job and Shift bidding). The parties had positive discussions but remain apart on one key issue i n each Article. In addition, the parties negotiated and agreed to Article 20 (Dues Deduction), although no TA was signed. Other than Articles 10 and 13, no other non-economic Articles remain open. The University then presented a comprehensive 5-year economic package (CWP for each year and increases in certain differentials), which SEIU flatly rejected and countered with a 3-year proposal (seeking 5%, 5% and 4% plus a host of premium and differential increases). The University flatly rejected that proposal and countered with a 3-year deal (CWP each year with no other increases). The session ended on a tense note but the sides remained cordial.