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Update: SEIU Clerical Negotiation Session 22

April 5, 2024

UIC and SEIU Local 73 met for six hours of bargaining.  The session ended approximately at 3 p.m.  This was the ninth session with mediator Healy.  The session began with UIC withdrawing its previously submitted wage proposal and submitting a new one. The new scale does the following:

-increases the lowest salary on the wage scale by 15%;

-creates a uniform 20 anniversary steps for all classifications;

-creates a uniform 1.5% between all steps; and,

-adjusts the percentage increase between job grades to a uniform 3.5%

The union then asked that UIC consider two proposals that it had previously rejected: one for a pay differential for those covering vacancies and the other for bonuses for unspecified certifications.  After caucus, the union expressed appreciation for UIC’s wage proposal and countered with a wage scale that would guarantee at least a 5% increase in lieu of a Y1 ATB and proposed increasing the intervals between steps to 2.5%.  UIC rejected the union’s proposal for a vacancy differential and placed a hold on the certification proposal.

The next clerical bargaining session is April 19, 2024.